Dear SFD Family,

We were delighted to hear from many of you expressing your well wishes to us as we begin this new era in our practice. As you now know, the SD Human and Health Services Agency and the CA Department of Public Health have authorized dentists to resume routine and preventive care on patients effective May 10, 2020. The team had an extremely successful “soft opening” last week, and we hope to carry that success as we move forward.

We really appreciate your patience in allowing us the time to figure out how to return

to our “new” normal routine. In addition to our already very strict disinfection and universal precautions protocols, the following are some of the additional measures we have implemented for everyone’s safety:

*Daily temperature checks and health screening for all employees.

*Patients are only allowed into the office one at a time. Social distancing is strictly enforced.
*Patients will be screened and their temperature taken prior to being allowed in. No entry granted if the patient has any symptoms or fever and will be referred to their primary care doctor.
* Air purifiers have been installed and are running constantly throughout the day. We are also keeping the front door open to improve airflow.< *Patients must use hand sanitizer or wash their hands prior to being seated and upon departure. *All employees are wearing all the pertinent PPE. *Treatment and common areas will be disinfected and wiped continuously. *All correspondence, referrals, receipts are being handled digitally.

The schedule is now staggered to avoid bottlenecks at the front or in the hallway. We ask that you arrive for you. We are going to be restricted on how many patients we can see safely on a given day, so we appreciate your patience and know that we are doing all we can to accommodate everyone.

We hope you are still being diligent and staying safe, we are excited to be able to start serving all your dental needs.

Warmest regards,

Dr. Michelle Sandler and the Team at SFD